Boston Engagement pictures!

by Ashlie Jansen Photography

Today I ventured off to do something I’ve never done.. a shoot involving couples. Engagement pictures mean a lot to a couple and I was put in charge of them and could not be more proud of how they turned out.

Being a Boston native I already knew everywhere I wanted to go but there would never be enough time to go to them all, so we had to choose the best fits for the couple.

Parking near Fenway and hopping on the T to head to the Public Gardens was where we started the adventure

image_1 (1)

image_1 (2)

image_1 (3) image_1 (4)

image_1 (5)

Next stop on the trip was Beacon Hill (of course!) who could resist those streets

image_1 (6) image_1 (7)

image_1 (8)

image_1 (9)

After Beacon Hill, and an outfit change, we traveled down to the Charles River for a more nautical feel

image_1 (10) image_1 (11)

image_1 (12)

image_1 (13)


image_1 (27)

image_1 (15)


image_1 (28)


image_1 (29)

Now the couple got engaged on a bridge, so keeping with the theme a few bridge pictures were definitely necessary

image_1 (14) image_1

image_1 (16)

The next spot happens to be my favorite place in all of Boston

image_1 (17)

image_1 (18)

and last but certainly not least we ventured to the rose gardens

image_1 (19) image_1 (20) image_1 (21)

All in all it was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple.

Major props for her walking in wedges throughout all of Boston!